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Prevent System Shut Down and Damage By Cleaning Your System Drain Line.

The warmer weather has arrived, and we are beginning to crank up those AC units. Here in the great state of Florida, the purpose of our AC is more than just keeping us cool. It also removes the humidity from the air. So what happens to this moisture, it doesn’t just disappear?

The moisture is pulled into the system and collects as condensation and drips into the condensation pan. It then travels down a drain pipe to where it is then eliminated onto the ground outside the home. If this line is not maintained correctly, this could result in issues with your AC unit or even home damage.

What Causes The Drain Line To Clog?
As the system is pulling in the moisture from out of the air, it also collects in dust particles and bacteria from inside the home. This bacteria and dust combo can cause a build up in the line which will then result in mold and gunk blocking the flow of the condensation. Ignoring this issue not only can lead to system shut down, but also to potential home damage due to water collection.

How do I Prevent A Clog In The Drain Line?
Preventing a clog in the drain can most times be taken care of through a few short steps a couple of times a year. However, some may require it more often.

1. Be sure to change your air filter regularly. (Please check with your manufacturer or HVAC professional for recommendations for your area and your unit.)

1. Pouring HOT water in the line should be able to loosen the gunk and clear the pipe of a minor clog. (Boiling water is suggested. Be sure to use CAUTION.)

2. Be sure that the outside elimination point is clear of all debris, allowing water to flow freely as it exits the system.

3. If the clog is beyond minor flushing, you can try attaching a shop vac to the evacuation point outside the home. Be sure to follow directions for wet environment clean up. (See your shop vac manual)  Place the hose over the pipe opening, using a rag to hold securely to the pipe and create enough suction. Turn the shop vac on for a few seconds and this should do the trick. Once complete, flush with hot water to see if the line is clear. If the line still appears to be clogged repeat this process one more time.

When using these steps, please be sure that you are confident in your ability to do so. Improperly clearing this line could lead to system damage or damage to the home.

If you have questions, it is always best to call a professional for assistance.  At Air Source, we are here to help you anytime. Give us a call.