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It’s summer and that means things are heating up here in Brooksville, FL. This leads us all into the temptation of turning down the AC to keep it nice and cool inside, yet making it run full blast which equals higher utility bills.

We thought we should share a few tips that could help you keep it cooler inside, lower the utility bills and keep your AC smiling. Hope you find them useful in keeping you cooler this summer season.

​1. Unplug Electronics and Turn off the Lights

Did you know that electronic heat waves and heat from lights can significantly raise the temperature of a room? It only makes sense then that tuning off and unplugging those same things would reduce the room’s temperature. If you are not using an electronic device, power it off and unplug it. This will stop its ability to generate added heat. Light bulbs will often generate as much heat as they do light to a room. Turn off as many lights as you can, to help decrease the heat out put.

​2. Pull The Shades

Have a window that the sun comes beaming though? Or, maybe a room that you aren’t using at the moment? Limiting the amount of direct sunlight coming into a home can drastically reduce the temperature. It does not have to be dark in the room to have an impact. It’s the direct sunlight that generates the most heat, so pull the shade on a window or two until the direct sun moves on. Closing shades in rooms that are not in use will also help to keep areas of the home, that are not in use cooler, thus effecting the overall temperature of the home and resulting in less AC run time.

​3. Be a Fan of Fans

Air circulation is like magic! Using fans to generate air movement in an area where you are sitting or working will create an environment of comfort. Strategically installing ceiling fans or using electric fans can make a world of difference in the overall temperature of the home.

​4. Open Up Those Windows

In the evenings, when temperatures begin to drop, consider opening the windows and running fans. Create a wonderful tropical breeze inside your home which can be relaxing and beneficial to the utility bill.

There you have it, we hope that you find these few tips helpful ways to keep the home cooler in these summer months ahead. Now you can go pour yourself a tall glass of sweet tea, and enjoy a little cooler temperature in your home.

If you feel your AC performance is not keeping up with the task, maybe it is time for service or a tune-up. Give us a call and we will gladly come out and test your system performance.