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Heat and humidity is something we are all so too familiar with here in Brooksville, Florida. I must say, as Floridians, we love it! Yet, we also love the comfort our AC brings to us indoors. Ensuring our AC units provides the greatest performance is truly necessary in our late summer heat!

As homeowners, one part of our AC system that we do not give much consideration to, is the air duct system. We would assume that once installed, it is a maintenance free item. However, that is not necessarily the case. Duct work that is failing, improperly installed or the wrong size for the current unit, could all hamper the results of the ac units performance. Let’s take a look at a couple of things to consider.

Is your duct work the correct size?

To small: If the duct work is to small, you will most likely hear noises as the air tries to force its way through the ducts. Not only is the noise annoying, but it will inhibit proper air flow reducing the maximum result of the cooling process.

To large: Bigger is definitely not better in this area. While we want the duct work big enough for the air pressure to flow through, if the duct work is to large for the size of the ac unit, the pressure will fall off and you could potentially lose up to 60% of the air flow resulting in your system needing to run twice as long to have the expected cooling effect.

Damage To Duct Work.

Most times you will only see this on older duct work or if duct work is damaged in a remodeling project.

Proper connection: If duct work has failed at the connection point then air can escape from the duct work and cause a waste of energy, and allowing the cool air to flow into unnecessary space. The ultimate result being running longer time and higher utility bills.

Pin hole leaks: If your duct work has aged it’s possible for pin holes to develop allowing air to leak into unnecessary space reducing effectiveness of cooling the home. And as mentioned above this will impact your wallet and leave you feeling a bit warmer than you should.

Inspection of the homes duct work is certainly something to be considered if the units is aged or if you notice a decrease in performance. These repairs will keep your unit performing optimally and keep you comfortable for the hot and humid days ahead.

If you are in Brooksville or the surrounding areas, and have noticed a decline in performance of your AC unit, you could be experiencing any of these issues. Give us a call at Air Souce Cooling and Heating for an inspection to make sure the greatest performance of your AC unit and keep those utility bills under control.

We look forward to hearing from you!