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Mosquitos might be people’s #1 complaint about summer discomforts. Those little buzzers have the ability to ruin any decent outdoor experience. Humidity (the mosquito’s best friend) and heat (their other best friend!) also rank high on the list of summer discomforts. Heat and humidity make people uncomfortable because they have an affect on the ways we regulate our body temperature. 

Humans sweat. Sweating is our body’s air conditioning; it’s a naturally built-in thermostat that allows our skin and all that is within to self-regulate. More precisely, we rely on evaporating sweat from our skin to feel cool. In order to regulate body temperature, human skin sweats automatically at 98.6°F. 

When we sit near a fan, the breeze actually helps evaporate the moisture from our skin, giving us the feeling of being ‘cool.’ While the breeze has no effect on the actual air temperature, it works with our innate air conditioner to help keep us cool. 

Now enters humidity. Humid air holds water, therefore it takes longer for our sweat to evaporate off our skin and into the already water-heavy air. High humidity makes you feel more uncomfortable because you are unable to effectively sweat, and therefore you are warm. 

While we remain grateful for our body’s ability to self-regulate its temperature, air conditioners and other cooling mechanical devices are also welcomed, right?! Using your air conditioner during warm months, in conjunction with a dehumidifier allows for optimum comfortability. The general standard for optimum cooling is 72°F, however, we invite you to experiment with temperatures in a tight range surrounding that standard.

Perhaps 74°F, or even 76°F, is an acceptable temperature to keep you and your family comfortable. The warmer you are able to keep your air conditioner, the more money you will save on your cooling bill, as less energy is needed to maintain the constant. The use of ceiling fans is highly recommended during summer months, as the breeze helps circulate the already-cooled air. 

Air Source Cooling and Heating understands that a comfortable customer is a satisfied customer. No one wants to experience discomfort; it ruins productivity and often one’s emotional well-being. Air Source Cooling and Heating is committed to keeping you comfortable all summer long and into warm fall months. We all appreciate our body’s built in air conditioner, but for the one that is attached to your home or business, give Air Source a call!  

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