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Maybe you’ve ignored “it” for only a few months. Or maybe you’ve seen (felt) the warning signs for some time: increased time to reach thermostat setting, shorter periods between cooling cycles, perhaps even not cooling your home to the desired temperature. There’s no denying it… your air conditioner is working harder and yet producing less. Is this it??? Is this the end of the line for your unit? Maybe not. Before throwing your emergency fund into a new unit (especially if yours is less than 10 years old) consider a simple cleaning of your air conditioner’s evaporator coils with Evap-Fresh No Rinse by Nu-Calgon.


Evap-Fresh is a ready-to-use, non-abrasive, one-step cleaner and disinfectant for evaporator coils in small air conditioners, commercial air handling equipment, HVAC cooling coils and refrigeration equipment. In fact Evap-Fresh is the first product of its kind in the industry to receive EPA registration for such claims.


It’s easy for us to gauge the relative health of our air conditioner by its exterior condition. We keep the outside clean and free of debris and yard waste (side note: if you aren’t doing this periodically, stop here and go do it right now!). But like most things, it’s what’s going on under the outer layer that what matters. And inside your outdoor unit is where dirt, dust, and debris collect, robbing your unit of its power and efficiency. That’s where Evap-Fresh comes in!


According to the manufacturer, Evap-Fresh has also been proven to reduce and help control bacteria associated with E Coli., Salmonella, Staph, and Tuberculosis. Evap-Fresh has also been shown to destroy or inactivate viral strains such as H1N1, Avian Influenza, Hepatitis A, Rhinovirus, Rotovirus, and various forms of Coronavirus (use as directed).


Steps to use

  1. Open the air handler unit and access the evaporator coils. Be sure to follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to maintain safety and avoid damage to the unit.
  2. Remove any loose debris or built-up grime BEFORE applying. This can be done using a can of compressed air and/or a soft bristle brush.
  3. Spray Evap-Fresh at a distance of 6-8” above the surface
  4. Allow to sit and penetrate. No scrubbing or rinsing required!

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