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Like every system in your home or business, there is no shortage of needs and demands. But there are also situations you should avoid that will improve your system’s efficiency and lengthen its lifespan.


DO Have Your Unit Installed By A Professional

You just spent thousands of dollars on a new unit. Don’t skimp now by having it installed by someone who lacks the knowledge and skills to properly set up your unit for efficient service. Failure to do so can result in a unit that doesn’t cool properly, has a shortened lifespan, and could potentially be unsafe! 

DON’T Forget To Clean The Outdoor Unit

Regularly inspect the outdoor unit(s) for debris. Leaves, trash, dirt, and vegetation can all collect in and around your unit, potentially reducing the unit’s cooling capability. Keep a clear two-foot radius around the unit by cutting back grass and weeds accordingly. 

DO Change The Air Filter Regularly

How often you need to change the air filter depends on the environment. A single homeowner with no pets can probably change the filter every 6-8 months. A home with multiple occupants, pets, or allergies will need the air filter changed more frequently. Inspect the filter regularly to ensure you are maintaining a clean environment. Not sure if the filter is “dirty enough” to change? Hold it next to a new, clean one and you’ll see the difference right away!


DON’T Overcrowd Vents

Nothing improves unit efficiency faster than a quick inspection of the vents. A few changes in the direction of the air flow combined with ensuring that there are no obstructions (curtains, plants, furniture, doors) can go a long way to helping your home or business stay cooler without working harder. 

DO Check The Thermostat

A properly functioning and calibrated thermostat is vital when it comes to efficient air conditioning. Be sure to invest in a quality digital thermostat. A programmable one will allow you to easily adjust settings when you are away, helping you save energy and money. These models rarely break. If your thermostat is broken, your air conditioning will not function correctl. This is an item that should be inspected annually BEFORE heavy use during your central air conditioning tune-up. 

DON’T Keep The Thermostat On The Coldest Setting

You walk in on that first “hot” day of the year. The place is warm and stuffy. So you fire up the unit and set the thermostat to a sub-arctic level. Problem solved… wrong! Setting your thermostat extremely low does not cool the space any quicker. It just makes the unit work harder, eventually passing a comfortable temperature on its way to your desperate setting. 

When it comes to all the do’s and don’ts of cooling and heating, trust Air Source of Brookville to help! Our knowledge and experience is ready to serve you! Whether you have a problem or need routine maintenance, give us a call today to schedule your appointment!