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Your pool has provided countless hours of relief from the relentless summer heat. But just because cooler weather is approaching doesn’t mean it’s time to say goodbye. Imagine a warm, relaxing swim on a brisk day in January. By installing a pool heater now, you can be enjoying your pool all year long, turning your summer oasis into your everyday-getaway.

Year-round use is just one reason to have a pool heater installed. But even if you don’t plan to take a dip on Christmas Day, there are several reasons to consider a pool heater:


  • Lack of Direct Sunlight – There is no shortage of trees in our region! If you are like many, your pool is shaded at least part of the day. This keeps the sun from providing the natural warmth your pool needs, especially in cooler weather. A pool heater will help offset this by providing heat and regulating the pool’s temperature around the clock.


  • Cool Water vs. Cold Water – Even in the warmest of seasons, there is cool water and then there is chill-you-to-the-bone, make-your-lips-blue, cold water! Very few of us are comfortable in that kind water. Regulating the pool’s temperature will make the pool more accessible to the “temperature sensitive” members of your family who refuse to get into any pool that isn’t at least 78 degrees.


  • 24 Hour Comfort – Starting the day with a swim is an invigorating way to kick off your morning. Conversely, ending the day in the pool helps to wash away all the stress and anxiety of the day’s events. These are easy to do in the summer but as the weather turns cooler, often the middle of the day is the only time the water is an ideal temperature for a relaxing dip. A heater will ensure you can cannonball in anytime of day or year without worrying if you’ll come up looking like a human popsicle.


  • Increased Pool/Property Value – A pool with a heater is like a two car garage vs. a one car garage; any buyer will instantly recognize the value in the former vs. the latter. So once you’ve spent countless hours enjoying the benefits of the heater, it is comforting to know some of that investment will come back to you at resale time.


It is important to note that pool heaters do not turn your pool into a hot tub. And without the proper regulation and accessories (namely a pool cover), you can end up pumping a lot of extra money into your pool in the form of lost heat.


If you’re ready to get the most out of your pool, give the experts at Air Source Cooling and Heating a call today! We will help you choose and install a heater for the size of your pool. Should your pool heater need service or maintenance down the road, our familiarity with your system will prove invaluable towards keeping your heater at its best.