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Pool ownership includes a never-ending list of regularly scheduled expenses. One of the biggest ‘drains’ on your wallet is the pool heater. But there are ways to lower your heating costs. By incorporating one or more of these accessories, you can reduce your pool’s energy consumption through better heat retention.

  • Solar Blanket – A solar blanket is a standard method for retaining heat and reducing evaporation. While cumbersome, solar blankets provide the most efficient and effective heat retention.
  • Automatic Pool Cover – Closing in less than 1 minute, an automatic pool cover is one of the most effective ways to reduce pool heat loss. It also helps keep your pool safe while also reducing the amount of contaminants that enter your pool by way of wind and rain. In addition, the barrier minimizes evaporation and prevents the sun from depleting your pool chemicals. 
  • Liquid Barriers – Artificial barriers such as Cover-Free and Liquid Solar Blanket work by forming an invisible film over the surface of the water. The barrier reduces evaporation and keeps up 70% of the heat within the water. They are easy to use, safe, and biodegradable.
  • Sun Rings – Sun rings are inflatables that float on the surface of the water, helping to increase the water’s temperature during the day and maintain it at night. The magnetically connected rings are simple use and easier to maneuver than a bulky solar blanket.
  • Domes – A removable dome helps to extend pool season by keeping the water and air inside heated. The two main varieties are domes erected using a frame and domes that are inflated and supported by an air blower. As an added bonus, domes help block harmful UV rays from the sun!
  • Controllers – With an automatic controller, you can maintain the temperature of your pool heater from any location. There are a variety of options including wall mount and wireless systems. Controllers can be as basic as a heat switch or sophisticated enough to manage a timed heating system alongside your other pool systems.

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