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We are all guilty of neglect somewhere in our busy lives. It could be something small like neglecting to clean the lint trap on the dryer. Or a bigger issue like neglecting to exercise regularly. The more important and/or more expensive it is, the more attention we should pay to it. And yet ironically, the things that are the most expensive to deal with often get the most neglect. We put off buying tires for one more month. Perhaps we know it’s time for a new roof on the house but we wait because there are other, more urgent financial concerns. But as we’ve all learned one way or another, the longer you put off these basic maintenance needs, the more expensive they end up being to deal with.


Regular inspection is an important part of owning any large machine or system. And your cooling and heating system is no different! During your annual inspection, our team will review all the components of your system to check for functionality and wear. This includes your filters, blower wheel, coils, heater, wiring, capacitors, volts, contactors, pressures, amp draw, subcooling, and the drain line. At that time, any recommended repairs will be discussed and scheduled.


If you have a newer hvac system that still carries a warranty, the warranty undoubtedly includes a provision that regular annual inspections are performed and documented. Failure to do so, in most cases will void the warranty.


“Neglecting” your system by skipping the annual inspection will inevitably lead to a service call when your system stops working properly. During a service call, the technician will talk with the customer about the issue, check the major components of the system, diagnose the problem, and provide an estimate of the repair costs. 


Service calls and repairs, in the end, are frequently more costly than if the issue had been discovered early during an annual inspection. Not to mention that the problem could have possibly been solved before the system failure, saving you and your family from those unbearable days when your system was not running.


To summarize:

Annual Inspections

  • Scheduled
  • Preventative
  • Less Expensive


Service Calls

  • Unexpected
  • Emergency
  • More Expensive

Of course we don’t judge! So whether you are ready for your annual inspection or it is time to face-the-music from your years of hvac neglect, give the pros at Air Source Cooling and Heating a call, Cooling and Heating Service in Brooksville, FL.