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I was talking with a family member last week when she mentioned needing to get her car “fixed”. I asked her what was wrong with the car. She began to explain that she needed to buy two new tires and new brake pads. Somewhat relieved I kindly explained that those aren’t really repairs; they are required maintenance. Tires and brake pads are as essential to a car as oil and gasoline. And while you don’t purchase them as often as gas, nevertheless they are consumables that must be budgeted for. More importantly, failure to do so will eventually lead to some costly repairs. 

The moral of the story is that some people feel that ANY money spent on a technician or service constitutes a repair. But in reality, “maintenance” and “repair” are two very different categories of service and should hold different places within your budget. Let’s examine what is maintenance and what constitutes a repair as it relates to your AC unit. 

Maintenance is the regular service that is required for your unit to function properly. It is also likely written into your manufacturer’s warranty. In other words, it is unavoidable! It must be scheduled annually (in some cases twice a year) and should be budgeted for accordingly. The maintenance inspection is going to ensure the system is running optimally and efficiently, promoting healthy air inside. 

Repairs are performed when your system is not functioning properly. It could be the system is not running optimally, resulting in low or inefficient output. Or the system may not be functioning at all. Diagnosing the problem and repairing it takes time and is considerably more expensive than a maintenance inspection. It also means living without the comfort your AC unit provides while waiting for the completion of repairs.

Regular maintenance cannot prevent all malfunctions and repairs. However annual maintenance can ensure your unit is running optimally, saving you money on your energy bill and giving you peace of mind that your unit is poised to provide you with comfort now and in the future. Whether it’s time for an inspection or your unit is not at its peak, give the experts at Air Source Cooling and Heating, HVAC in Brooksville, FL,  a call today!